Exclusive: Thaman's Special Chit-Chat With Tupaki.com

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Music machine Thaman is busy man these days. He is taking care of re-recording work of 'Ala Vaikunthapuramlo' and finishing the tunes of 'Disco Raja' at the same time. With such hectic schedule, everybody gets tensed but not Thaman. He says that he thrives under pressure and claims that it is reason of success. Tupaki caught Thaman for an exclusive chit-chat and here it is!

Looks like 2019 ended for you on a pretty high note?

(With Some Initial shock and laughs later) Isn't it! Last year ended recently. It was a happy ending with a lot of work and many blockbuster albums. Especially, every week in December had my releases and that hectic work is continuing even now.
You have been busy from the very beginning. Is it the reason behind doing so many films?

I have a habit of taking decisions quickly. After that, I improvise them a lot which is the reason behind all these last minute tensions. But wont remember all that hard work once you look at the final output. As you said, I like to be busy all the time. Not just me, everybody wants to be busy. This is what made he give music to so many films in such a short span.
Did you watch 'Ala Vaikunthapuramlo'?

Due to re-recording and other works, I have to watch every scene in the film but you cannot judge a film by its rough copy. I mean you cannot enjoy it. But, Trvikram sir and Bunny sir's films can be enjoyed even while working. I had a tough time working on some comedy sequences as I couldn't control my laughter during work. Some scenes were brilliant. Overall, the film came out very well.
You are giving super hit songs to star heroes and just hits to medium range heroes. What is this reason behind this?

A movie's verdict will not be in our hands. It depends on the feedback of the audience. I compose tunes based on what director narrated to me. Right from the very beginning, I did not compose tunes keeping in mind the range of the hero. 'Samajavaragamana' song which became my career's biggest hit was not supposed to be in the album but the audience made it a chartbuster.
People say that a film succeeds if songs become hit. What is your opinion?

Films succeed if the content is good. I believe songs can be helpful in deciding the range of its success. Though the songs of 'Ala Vaikunthapuramlo' became a huge hit, the openings will be because of Bunny sir and Trivikram sir. After them comes my music. There are a lot of films which failed despite having super hit albums.
Why didn't you continue acting despite a successful film like 'Boys'?

'Boys' is a sweet memory in my diary. Let it be that way. My talent lies in composing music and it is better to continue in it without any side tracks.
You are going in the right direction. Hope your music journey continues smoothly like this and Tupaki.com wholeheartedly hope that you reach the level of music maestro Ilayaraja one day.

All The Best

Well! It is tough to reach Ilayaraja's range but I will definitely try. Thank you for the warm wishes. People who like my music, please watch the film only in theatres. Kill Piracy!
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