Thaman's Lateral Entry Helped Majili

Director Shiva Nirvana tasted his first hit with the film Ninnu Kori. When he was offered a second movie, he preferred to come up with almost the same team. Gopi Sunder who played a crucial role in the success of Ninnu Kori was on board to compose the music for Shiva's second movie Majili. Things went well and Gopi Sunder came up with a melodious audio album for Majili. When the film is reaching the final stages, owing to some personal reasons, Gopi Sundar had to quit Majili which came as an unexpected shock to Majili.

By the time Gopi Sunder came out of the project, the re-recording for the movie was not started yet. Within a less time on hand, there was no other option for the makers except to postpone the film's release because they believed that no music director can help them with the re-recording in such a less time.

But Thaman turned as a savior for team Majili. Upon the request of Samantha, Thaman watched the film and immediately jumped on board to finish the re-recording. In very less time, Thaman delivered quality output for the movie. The scenes involving Naga Chaitanya's cricketing skills, all the emotional scenes, Samantha's entry, and the climax was elevated perfectly with Thaman's background score.

Without Thaman, Majili would not have been the same and his addition to the project is valuable and today he is the unsung value addition for the film. Though he entered the project very late, his work is speaking for himself today!