'Sye Raa' Holds Other Projects At Stake

It has already been two years since 'Khaidi No.150' released and still there is not Megastar film. This delay has been testing the patience of fans. Although Ram Charan announced the release of the picture time will be Dussehra, with existing situations, even that seems not to be possible. This has a prominenet effect on two people.

One, Siva Koratala. Siva has prepared a bound script for Megastar and has been on the waiting list since 4 months. His last release was 'Bharat Ane Nenu' and it was last year. With no conclusive information, Siva has been pushed into a confusion state, and there is no clarity on the June news too. Holding such a big writer for an year is really not good.

And the other being Surender Reddy. After Dhruva, she signed for 'Sye Raa', due to which he couldn't commit to any other project until now. But if he could prove his stamina, he will be on par with Rajamouli. Because of the huge VFX works and post-production works, Suri seems to be locked for another 4 months for sure. He doesn't even have the time to discuss future projects and this film has become the most challenging film of his career. Let's see how it turns out for him and Siva Koratala.