'Terrible Night' Modi On Abhinandan's Capture

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PM Narendra Modi opined Indian Air Strike on Terror Camps in Pakistan's Balakot might have been ranked as one of the major military operations of the World had if the Lok Sabha Polls aren't scheduled to happen anytime soon.

When quizzed what made Pakistan release Abhinandan Varthaman within days after his capture, PM replied: 'It was a terrible night. Many mysteries were buried in the darkness. Let those mysteries remain that way'.

Regarding the evidence sought by the Opposition, Modi told anyone can demand evidence but they should also take the responsibility of accepting what's been provided. 'Problem with the Opposition is that they keep on demanding but doesn't accept. Pakistan itself is the biggest evidence. If Pak admits that air strikes caused damage, Then the World would know about the existence of the terror camps. That single residential building on a hill surrounded by trees was housing 600 people. Post the Air Strikes, I had surfed online to check international news to know how the World responded. At 5.15 am, Pak Army tweeted that Indian Aircraft had dropped the payload..it's done to gain sympathy,' he said.

On the battle between Indian and Pakistan Jets on the next day, Modi told a Pakistan fighter plane was crashed and its pilot died but they say an Indian Plane was shot down. He went on to say Pakistan Forces lost their balance and yet to come out the trauma.
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