Telugu districts tops in Low cost of living

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A survey conducted by the Nambio Company on the cost of living in 352 cities of the world showed that the low cost of living in Vijayawada and Vishakapatnam is very low. In the report, Vijayawada ranked 350 and Vishakapatnam ranked 351.

If you look at the rankings given to different cities in the country, Mumbai 316, Delhi 323, Bangalore 327, Pune 328, Hyderabad 333, Chennai 334, Kolkata is ranked 336. Zurich, Basel, Lausanne, Geneva, Bern and Switzerland are among the top five most cost-of-living cities in the world.

The company has researched by comparing with New York City's cost of living. For this purpose, the New York City Index is estimated to be one hundred per cent by calculating the prices of essentials, jewellery, restaurants, transportation and other necessities.

Interestingly, the latest study shows that rents are huge in Bezawada, where the cost of living is low. The rents were at 5.01 per cent, while Visakhapatnam got only 4.07. Rent in Bejewada is higher than Lucknow, Surat, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Mysore, Coimbatore, Jaipur cities.
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