Telugu Parties Sing A Different Tune

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Even as the non-BJP parties are coming under one umbrella to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill brought forth by the Narendra Modi government, at least three regional parties are staying away from the Congress-led front. Interestingly, all the three parties are from the two Telugu States.

The TRS, despite all its closeness to the Muslim Party MIM, has steered clear of the CAA controversy.Though KCR had made some comments, they were more tokenism than anything else. KCR has not so far given his opinion on the issue. The party has only abstained from the voting. The TDP has already supported the CAA. However, one of its MPs in Lok Sabha - Kesineni Nani has walked out without voting. As for the YSRCP, it supported the CAA in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

It is clear that none of the Telugu parties is willing to offend Narendra Modi. They are fullly backing him on every issue. They also did not gather courage to attend the swearing in of Hemant Soren in Jharkhand. Despite their closeness to NCP's Sharad Pawar and KCR's friendship with Soren, none of these parties has attended the swearing in ceremony.