Telugu BJP Leader's Son Goes Missing!

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Bharatiya Janatha Party is looking to become strong in the country so much that it has no alternative as opposition to form governments in each state of India and continuing ruling at the Centre.

They have been busy trying to field their best cadre in key positions all around the Country and Telangana is also getting a big amount of importance these days as party could become a strong opposition due to lack of strong leaders in other parties than TRS.

Now, a key leader from Khammam, Sanne Uday Pratap's son is missing from his London apartment. London Police have informed this bad news to his parents late on Friday.

Sanne Harsha son of Sanne Uday Pratap went to UK for higher studies and he has been one of the bright Indian students it seems. But he suddenly has gone out of contact with any of his friends or family.

London police, is searching for him and MP, Nama Nageswara Rao is following this up from Indian Embassy in UK. He talked to Sanne family members and took all the details.

BJP higher authorities have promised a through follow-up for the case and they are addressing it as a personal concern through Embassy and some are even in contact with UK Embassy in India, to get updates.

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