Telangana readies up list of Urban Naxals

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The Telangana police are said to have prepared an exhaustive list of 60 Urban Naxals in the state and are in the process of arresting them. The police sources say that while the Naxal movement has waned in the rural areas and the recruitment has stopped completely, several ideologues and senior level workers have begun living in the urban areas. These urban naxals are creating disaffection among the society and are spreading hate against the Government. Many of them are found to be involved in creating disturbances in the neighboring states like Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra.

The intel sources have identified Telangana Praja Front, Telangana Vidyarthi Vibhagam, Democratic Students Union and others as Naxal front organisations. On October 19, last year, the police have registered cases against 45 persons for their involvement in Maoist activities. Several frontal organisation leaders too have been booked. Similarly, cases were registered on November 12 against Maoist Central Committee members Anuradha, Ravi Sharma and Sudarshan. Later, cases were also registered against Central Committee secretary Sambhala Keshara Rao, Polit Buro member Venugopal, Telangana state committee member Haribhushan and others.

Prof. Kasim's arrest too is also a part of the same drive. He is also found to be coordinating the activities of 16 Maoist front organisations. The police have also recovered several incriminating documents from Prof. Kasim's house.
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