Telangana Woman's Mysterious Death In USA

Sudden Demise of Segyam Sandhya, who was married to Srikanth nine months ago, in United States prompted her Family Members to make allegations of murder. Sandhya's Family was informed about the tragic news by her Father-in-Law Rajeshwar who told she committed suicide by slitting her throat.  

Sandhya's Father Mahender is a head constable in Narasimhulapet Police Station in Mahabubabad. He informed about the harassment faced by Sandhya since few months from her hubby Srikanth and In-Laws for additional dowry. A complaint was filed in Thorrur Police Station by him accusing Srikanth and his Family Members of killing Sandhya.  

Post marriage, Sandhya has moved to Memphis City to live with her Husband Srikanth. Husband and In-Laws began harassing her for additional dowry few months after marriage. Sandhya brought the issue to the notice of his Father Mahender. Then, The Cop asked Srikanth not to harass his Daughter for not paying Rs 1 crore additional dowry. He even told Sandhya to return to India if her in-laws continue to harass her. And Today, Sandhya's Family regret making her marry Srikanth.