Telangana Secretariat To Be Locked On Sunday

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The current Secretariat which was combinedly used by AP and Telangana for more than six decades is going to be shut down permanently from Sunday. Already, Most of the files and furniture in the Secretariat building has been shifted to the BRK Bhavan.

Higher Authorities served a notice on Friday ordering the Secretariat Staff not to discharge their duties from the old Secretariat from Sunday. Not only the offices in the Secretariat but also the main gate would be locked Tomorrow.

So far, Chief Secretary and all the higher officials have shifted to BRK Bhavan. CMO will be functioning from HMRL in Rasoolpura, Finance Minister T Harish Rao decided to function from Aranya Bhavan. Rest of the Ministers have been searching for best alternatives in the city.

Shifting of work force, files and furniture indicates how determined Telangana CM  Chandrasekhar Rao has been to demolish the existing Secretariat and construct a new Secretariat. Not less than Rs 500 crore could be spent for making the dream of TRS Supremo come true.

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