Why Was Tamilisai Made Telangana Governor?

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Tamil Nadu state BJP chief Tamilisai Saundara Rajan is the new governor of Telangana.  Why has she been chosen for Telangana? There are several guesses. One reason that is being touted is that Tamilisai is the daughter of a senior Congress leader and has been in the Congress for quite some time. So, she knows how to trouble CM KCR if she wants. As BJP president of Tamil Nadu, she has been very combative and picked up fights with political rivals. So, she can give a tough time to KCR in the days to come.

The second reason being offered is that Tamilisai needs to be moved out of Tamil Nadu to ensure that the BJP in the state moves to the next level. At the same time, she has to be honourably rehabilitated. Hence she was made a governor to ensure a change in Tamil Nadu.

Some political pundits are also of the opinion that a woman has been made a governor to show KCR that BJP is a better party when it comes to treat women. For the last seven years that he has been in power, KCR has not appointed even a single woman as a minister. The party has not given any importance to women. So, by sending Tamilisai Saundarajan, the BjP wants to send clear signals of its intention.
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