RTC Union Removes Pink From Its Flag, Goes White

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Is KCR going to lose the support of the RTC employees permanently? The 50000-odd RTC employees and their family members could completely move away from KCR. A significant pointer in this direction is that the TRS-affiliated union led by Ashwatthama Reddy has removed pink colour from its flag. The TMU, which was formed with encouragement from the TRS bosses and was led till recently by minister T Harish Rao, has unfurled flags with bow and arrow symbol in the white background on its Foundation Day on Sunday (October 27).

This is because of the TRS government's attitude towards the RTC strike and especially towards the TMU, which has always stood by the TRS government. The TMU also feels that the TRS government is encouraging the AITUC, which is backed by the CPI, in the upcoming recognition union elections. They feel that the TRS has entered into an agreement with the CPI leadership ahead of the Huzurnagar elections to weaken the TMU. So, they have decided to break away from the TRS.

As part of this, the TMU has unfurled flags in white colour. This indicates that the employees have moved away from the TRS. What impact this will have on the voters in Telangana remains to be seen.

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