Telangana High Court Heard Pleas Of Jagan Challenging CBI Court

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The Telangana High Court has heard the plea filed by AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy to exempt him from personal appearance before the CBI court every Friday.

Jagan has moved the Telangana High Court with the CBI special court not granting his exemption in this case even after filing repeated pleas.

Earlier the CBI court has canceled hi pleas from appearing personally before the court two times till now. The case was further postponed to the 12th of this month. This is not the first time the case got postponed.

After hearing the case, the court has earlier postponed further investigation to the 6th of this month. Which resulted in the Court hearing the case today.

The court has directed the CBI to file counter with all the details in this regard. If the court grants an exemption to Jagan from the personal appearance he will be the happiest person.

Jagan attending the CBI court every Friday has allowed the opposition to mock Jagan that how can a CM going to court every week can rule the state.
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