Telangana Government to Implement VRS in RTC?

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The strike observed by the RTC workers has reached 43 days. The strike is getting intensified day by day as both government and RTC not stepping back. But interestingly, the JAC has withdrawn its main demand for merging RTC into the government.

The RTC JAC has expected that the government might hold talks with them in settling the dispute. Quite contrast to that, the Telangana government has permitted 5,100 private buses that have pressurized the RTC.

It has been reported that the government is planning to implement VRS to the RTC workers. With this, the news of RTC to get privatized got more strength.

In a recent Cabinet meeting, a decision was taken to permit 5100 buses in Telangana. An extra 1035 buses will also be hired on rent. The government has canceled 2500 old buses as they are not fir to hit the roads. With this, the count of government buses will decline to 5357 from 8357.

If the VRS scheme gets applied, almost 27,000 workers will get affected. The Central government has implemented the same sort of scheme in BSNL and they got a mixed response. The scheme will get a final shape, once the court delivers its judgement on the case, reportedly.
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