Telangana Government To Wait For The High Court Judgement On RTC Issue?

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The strike observed by the RTC workers has reached 48 days and looks like the strike continues to have more twists and turns.

It has been reported that the Telangana government had an alleged meeting on the next step on the RTC strike.

In the meeting, KCR has reportedly told to wait till the High Court delivers its verdict on this dispute. The court will hear a petition on the privatization of various bus routes of RTC buses.

The RTC JAC said on Wednesday, that if the government is willing to take back the 48,000 employees without any restrictions, they will call off the strike.

"It was also decided to study in detail the TSRTC's financial position, court decisions and the cases still pending in the court and other related issues. The state government is of the firm opinion that it should provide a permanent solution to the RTC problems with an aim to provide better transportation facilities to the people based on the facts as they exist on the ground," a press release from the CMO read.

"The TSRTC as on date has debts of over Rs 5,000 crore. It has about Rs 2,000 crore debts and dues to be paid immediately. As per the Provident Fund officials’ instructions, to pay the September salaries in full to the employees, Rs 240 crore is required. CCS to be paid is Rs 500 crore. Diesel dues are also to be paid. Transport Tax dues are pending for the last two years. New buses should be purchased to replace the 2,600 old buses," the CMO said.

"In total, to run TSRTC as on date, Rs 640 crore is needed per month. Who will bear this financial burden? The TSRTC has no financial strength to incur this expenditure. Due to economic slowdown, the state government is also not in a position to bear this financial burden. Even if the government extends some financial support, how long can it support? The only option left for the TSRTC is to hike the bus charges. If we increase the fare, people may not be able to use the bus transport," the CMO added.

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