Telangana Cabinet Takes Key Decision

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The Telangana State Cabinet led Chief Minister K. Chandra Sekhar Rao has taken some key decisions in the 5-hour long meeting held at Pragati Bhavan. The Cabinet has also decided to construct a new dam at Dummu Gudem and also to transfer third TMC to Madhya Maneru as part of the Kaleshwaram Project.

In addition to that, the cabinet has also decided to follow finance control as the state's economic situation is worsened by the decline in state income and the inability to release tax dues.

The Cabinet has decided to construct a  dam on the Godavari river at Dummu Gudem for the electric production with a capacity of 320 Mega Watts. The budget for the dam which was fixed at an estimated cost of Rs 3,482 crore will be sanctioned in two years budget. There will be a chance of power production at a low cost as water will be available for five months in a year at Dummu Gudem.

According to the officials, the dam will be constructed at a height of 63-meter height with a capacity to store 3 TMC water without collecting land.
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