Teja Makes Too Frank Comments on Sita!

Director Teja is known for being one of the best orators in TFI as he can speak what he feels and convince everyone. But he has a problem with not filtering his thoughts before saying out and that made him look arrogant to many.

Well, during Nuvvu Nenu, Jayam he was really arrogant but the times have changed him but his frankness regardIng himself hasn't changed.

At the Sita pre-release event he commented that he felt only he did not give his full while everyone working on the film did give their maximum efforts.

He said that he asked Paruchuri Brothers to help him judge the film and tried to incorporate their changes in the script as well.

He made an interesting observation that people always say what they believe to be true and said that he wants the same from people to improve on his next film.

Even though it can give a negative impression on the film, he decided to comment on his work without hiding anything. The movie is releasing on 24th May and Kajal Aggarwal seems to have high hopes on the film.