Team Brags Too Much About Prabhas

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Young Rebel Star Prabhas is busy promoting his film Saaho across multiple cities over the past three weeks. As the film is releasing in multiple languages, Prabhas is making sure to visit various cities and is giving interviews and press meets in each city. There are only three days left for the release and still, the actor is busy in giving away interviews.

But looks like the PR team of the actor and the film is taking it to the next level by posting non-sensical tweets like the actor is giving away interviews until late midnight even without having dinner. At the end of the day, it is his film and in order to make it reach to a wider number of audience, Prabhas ought to promote it aggressively.

Saaho is a big-budget project and it is extremely tough for it to recover the budget if it fails to get a positive talk. Promoting it aggressively makes the film to grab more attention and assures to get good collections. Prabhas is doing the same and it should be treated in a normal way, rather than exaggerating it to the next level.
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