Thota Skips CBN's Tour, Hints Party Change!

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Attempt made by Chandrababu Naidu to strengthen East Godavari TDP by maintaining good coordination between local leaders has failed miserably. Thota Trimurthulu who is the most influential leader in the district for TDP has given a miss to Naidu's tour. He refused to attend the review meeting chaired by Babu inspite of the mediation done by few party leaders.

Prior to the 2019 Elections, There were speculations of Thota Trimurthulu's exit from TDP. Chandrababu Naidu avoided the threat of defection for few months by pacifying the senior leader.

Post the elections, Thota Trimurthulu convened a meeting with Kapu Leaders. These Leaders had concluded that TDP suffered a huge loss because of Nara Lokesh. They even accused TDP Leadership of neglecting Kapu Leaders in the party. In his recent interview, Thota Trimurthulu doubted Insider Trading might have happened in Amaravati. He wondered how could Ex-Minister P Narayana have so much of land in AP Capital.

Recently, Thota Trimurthulu has met CM Jaganmohan Reddy. He is maintaining a safe distance from TDP Activities ever since then. Looks like, This influential leader might be keen to join YCP anytime soon through the mediation of his Brother Thota Narasimham.

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