Tarak's funny banter with a photographer at the airport!

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Celebrities are under public scrutiny in each step of their life. Wherever they go, the paparazzi follows them and there are some media organisations who employ photographers just to get celebrity clicks at the airport.

After completing his ad shoot in Mumbai, NTR flew down to Hyderabad along with his staff and a photographer tried to take pictures of him even at that odd hour. Usually, celebrities ignore them and move into their car quickly but NTR proves to be different from the rest. He asked the photographer to come near him and had a funny chat with him. Tarak asked him sarcastically, "Do you live here? Food, bath and everything, here?" After speaking to him, he left in the place in his vehicle. Tarak's friendly banter with him will definitely bring a smile on your face.

On the work front, he is playing the role of Komaram Bheem in Rajamouli's ambitious 'RRR'. This is one of the biggest films in Tollywood and the entire industry is waiting for this flick. After that, he will be teaming up his 'Aravinda Sametha' director Trivikram for a light-hearted entertainer.
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