You Can't Disturb: AP Speaker Warns CBN

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AP Speaker Tammineni Sitharam informed that Assembly Sessions will be happening from Monday, January 20th. He warned Telugu Desam Party, 'Anybody have the right to protest by abiding the law of the land. It's not right to the Legislators or preventing anyone from attending the sessions. That's violating Constitution of India! Law will take its own course if anyone tries to deny Legislators their rights'.

Tammineni made it clear that preventing MLAs from attending the Assembly Sessions is a punishable offence and the House have the powers to initiate action against violators. He advised the Amaravati Farmers to resolve their issues by offering representation to the State Government.

Speaker made these comments in the wake of declaration from Former CM Chandrababu Naidu about the plan to surround the Assembly in protest against the '3 Capitals' proposal of YCP Government. High Drama can be expected on Monday when the Assembly proceedings begin. It was during this session, YCP Government is likely to take crucial decisions on the AP Capital shifting and suggests alternative solution for Amaravati Farmers. How will the State Government pacify the agitating Farmers?

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