Ruling And Opposition Parties On Liquor Ban In AP Assembly

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The Winter sessions of Andhra Pradesh Assembly witnessed a heated debate on the liquor prohibition in the state. While talking about this, TDP MLA Aadi Reddy Bhavani said people are facing problems with the liquor shops.

"Before the elections, they(YSRCP) said they will be a complete liquor ban in the state. But now they are telling the ban will be in phases. Isn't this breaking promise?" she questioned.

"The way the government is dealing with alcohol, the public is misled by the fact that it(government) is controlling the alcohol. The government is getting profits on alcohol. The rents of the shops were increased hugely and the shops belong to YSRCP party workers. Liquor shops are in the middle of homes, temples, and schools .. Many women complained to me," she said.

Many brands existed in the past too. But the count was cut short largely. Interrupting her, Speaker Tammineni said Why are you worried about brands dear... They will look into this you leave it. With this, the members started laughing in the house. After this, she has ended her speech.

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