Talented director picks up a Korean film to change his luck!

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Young directors these days are coming up with interesting stories and pacy screenplay for their films. Filmmakers like Tarun Bhascker, Prasanth Varma, Venkatesh Maha, Gautham Tinnanuri and recent Ritesh Rana proved their worth by making small films with good content. But director Sudheer Varma was the one who started this trend with 'Swamy Ra Ra'. This film which released in 2012 proved that content is what matters.

Sudheer became a well-known director in Tollywood with just one film. Sadly, he couldn't maintain the same tempo for his next films 'Dochay', 'Keshava' and 'Ranarangam'. Though all these films were technically sound, there is a major complaint about the story being routine and predictable. So, he decided to take care of it for his next flick. He picked up a Korean film titled 'Hanja' which was dubbed as 'Midnight Runners' in English. This film deals with an interesting concept of kidnapping the eggs of young girls for a fertility centre. He will be tweaking some aspects to suit our audience and the film is expected to go on floors soon.

Hope Sudheer Varma gets back to his form with this Korean remake.
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