Are TV Channels Hand In Glove With BJP?

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Are some TV channels timing their films to suit election dates? One gets this doubt watching the way the films are being aired on the entertainment channels. Exactly a day before the polling for the Fifth Phase, a popular Hindi entertainment channel has aired patriotic film 'Uri - the surgical strike.' The film shows the BJP government in very bright light. It shows the BjP as a strong-willed government that pays back to Pakistan in its own coin. The film will definitely create a positive impression about the BJP government. This has come as a blessing for the BJP, which is trying to capitalise on the post-Pulwama developments.

Interestingly, the BJP leaders across North India have shared the information about the screening of the film on their whatsapp chat groups. They found an easy method to campaign for the party without violating the poll code. The rivals were seen fuming at the TV channel screening Uri. They feel the images of Uri will prod the voters, especially the youth voters to go and vote for the BJP.
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