TRS to imitate TDP in this regard

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KCR may have left the TDP long back and may have charted his own course. He is now the TRS boss as well as the CM. He has almost single-handedly built the TRS from the scratch. But, some TDP habits, it appears, are still there in KCR. Like in the TDP headquarters in Hyderabad, KCR is planning to have free meals facility in the Telangana Bhavan, the TRS headquarters. A 400-seater dining hall is now being planned in the Telangana Bhavan so that the party workers can dine there everyday.

On Tuesday, he made a surprise visit to the Telangana Bhavan and inspected the arrangements for the dining hall.  He spent more than half hour in the party office inspecting the meeting hall, kitchen and the dining hall. He was accompanied by Minister Prashanth Reddy, party general secretar Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, political secretary Seri Subhash Reddy and CM's favourite Vastu consultant Suddala Sudhakar Teja.

KCR used to be a daily visitor to the Telangana Bhavan before he became the Chief Minister. He used to chatter with the mediapersons and party leaders in the office. However, his visits have become few and sparser after he became the chief minister.
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