TRS out to get several car-like election symbols removed

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The political parties must learn a lesson or two from the TRS on how to take every care to win the elections. The party has come back to power with a thumping majority. It has got several MLAs from the other parties to defect to the TRS. Still it wants to leave nothing to chance.

Ahead of 2018 elections, KCR had approached the Central Election Commissioon with a request to remove auto rickshaw symbol from the list of election symbols. The reason? The similarity between the car and the auto had confused the illiterate and the old aged voters. So he wanted to take no chance. In the recent Huzurnagar  bypolls, the Road Roller symbol got quite a few votes. KCR felt that many of the voters, who wanted to vote for the TRS, had mistakenly voted for the Road roller. Now he is said to be approaching the CEC with a request to remove symbols like truck, lorry, road roller and other symbols which are very similar to the car symbol.

KCR feels that the party had lost at least 10 seats because of such similar looking symbols. So, he is now moving heaven and earth to get these symbols taken off the list. He is also said to have asked a special team to look for any other symbol which could be confused with the car. If found out, such symbols would be removed.
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