TRS faces troubles with more candidates less seats in municipal elections

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With the Municipal elections round the corner, it's problem of plenty for the ruling TRS.  There are many aspirants for the same seat. A tussle of sorts is taking place between those who have remained steadfast to the party all these years and those who have entered the party after it came to power. KCR's decision to take in 12 Congress and TDP MLAs into the party has led to intense group fight.

The MLAs who joined the party want their men to be given tickets for the municipal elections, while those have been with the party through the thick and thin are demanding their pie. The problem is acute in Tandur, Kollapur, Kothagudem, Kagaznagar, Ellareddy, Chityala, Wyra, Badangpet and Mirpet. Intense groupism seems to be affecting the TRS badly.  Though KTR had said that the candidates would be decided on the basis of the reports from the party incharges, the groupism is refusing to die. In many places, the rival factions might put up rebel candidates. In over 25 municipalities, there is a likelihood of friendly contests with the growing MIM.

Party sources say that KTR will have a meeting with KCR on January 2 to decide on the candidates. After this meeting, the party machinery will get into act and try to mollify the rebels. But, internal rivalry seems to be hitting the TRS badly in several municipalities.
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