TRS Opposes CAB Bill in Rajya Sabha

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah has tabled the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill(CAB) in the Rajya Sabha which was passed in the Lok Sabha earlier. The bill has faced strong resistance from the Opposition parties. The TRS party has shown its stand as the party MP Doctor K. KeshavaRao opposed the bill and demanded that the bill should be withdrawn soon.

Talking about the bill in the house he said, "India has the name of Secular Nation and this bill is in a way that hinders that name. The Centre has prepared the bill that harms the roots of India. We (TRS) are strongly condemning this bill. Bringing this bill is looking at Muslims differently in a way".

"There is no use with such sort of bill that is quite opposite to India. Looks like the Central Government prepared the bill to change India as a Muslim free nation. This bill is opposite to the saying "Unity in diversity" and the Bill should be withdrawn soon," he added.
While the BJP has taken the bill as Prestigious the TRS has taken its stand opposing the bill. This is not the first time the Pink party locking horns with the saffron party. They have earlier raised their voice against the GST collections too.
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