TRS MLA Shankar Nayak lands in a new controversy

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TRS MLA Shankar Nayak who is known as a fierce speaker and speaks his mind has landed in yet another controversy. He recently distributes clothes to Christians at Mahabubabad Church.

While speaking at the event, he made some sensational comments. Nayak said "Man has three arrogances. One arrogance is I am Reddy.. I am a Velama. The second arrogance is being wealthy. The third arrogance is the feeling that I am very well-read. The man should not develop these arrogances. If cut everyone gets the same blood. We all eat the same food and drink the same water and breath the same air. So it's crucial that we all live together".


Earlier also he hit the headlines with his controversial statements. When KCR increased the salaries for state employees, he said CM did this just to stop employees to indulge in corruption and bribes.

In his new controversy, he ed the two most powerful castes in the state. One is KCR's caste and the second is Reddy. It's interesting to know how KCR responds to this.
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