TRS Leaders Worried Every Minute As KCR Sends Hourly Reports

Ever since the failure of the LB stadium public meeting, KCR is angry and upset. He has already given an earful to all the key leaders from the Twin Cities for the poor turnout. There weren't even 5000 people at the LB stadium, which can hold up to 30000 strong crowd, for the public meeting. KCR, who learnt about the extremely sparse crowd, cancelled the programme and went home straight.

He took a serious view of the flop show and has warned the party leaders that over confidence could mar their winning chances. He told them that poor turnout would have a negative effect on the TRS campaign and would give the Opposition a stick to beat the ruling TRS. So, after this fiasco, KCR has gone into high alert mode and is getting hourly reports about the work being done by the party leaders. Earlier, he used to get daily reports. But, after the failed meeting, he is sending hourly advises and guidelines to the party workers based on the reports he is getting. His reports are advising the local leaders on the issues to be taken up and the corrective steps to be taken. This is keeping the leaders on tenterhooks. The leaders are now sweating it out to keep their boss in good humour.