If KCR Offers Ticket, I Will Contest From Vijayawada!

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Konijeti Adinarayana is a hardcore fan of Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao. This Man who hails from Vijayawada hasn't only offered 101 coconuts for Bezawada Durgamma praying for TRS Victory in 2014 Polls but also climbed Indrakeeladri on his elbows post the announcement of election results.

And now, Konijeti Adinarayana wishes to contest on TRS Ticket from Vijayawada Central Constituency. He already brought his proposal to the notice of TRS Leadership.

Adinarayana claims he would bring KCR for campaigning if TRS Leadership responds positively to his proposal. What is he trying to achieve by contesting on TRS Ticket in AP is a million dollar question.

In the past, KTR revealed Andhrites have been inviting TRS to contest elections. He, however, kept maintaining that TRS is a party formed in the interest of Telangana and it doesn't have any plans to concentrate on other states. Will TRS Leadership stick to that stand or irk Chandrababu Naidu by fielding candidates in AP?

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