Don't Talk About 2-Bedroom Houses

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The TRS is finding itself in a spot of bother on the issue of two-bed room houses. This is one of the most commonly asked question by the voters during the municipal and urban body elections and the TRS cadre has no answer for this. The Government's miserable failure on providing the promised two-bedroom houses is rankling the TRS. It is now reliably learnt that the party leadership has advised the cadre not to bring the subject of two-bedroom houses during the campaigning.

Though the works on the two-bedroom houses have begun amid much fanfare, the work is not progressing as expected. At many places, the construction work has been brought to a halt due to the due to the lack of funds. In most places, the construction work has been stalled. But, there is persistent pressure from the voters and the general public about the two-bedroom houses. Unable to reply about this, the TRS leadership has asked the party cadre not to tout this as an achievement. If one mentions about it, one has to face a flurry of questions which they cannot answer. So, the party is advising the TRS cadre to talk only about pensions, Kaleshwaram and other such things.

The TRS workers are getting cold response from the voters when they are going out to ask for votes. Many voters reportedly are asking about the unfulfilled promises. The party workers have no readymade answers, sources say.
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