TRS Government Plans to Recover RTC losses

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The Telangana government has started plans to recover the losses the TSRTC faced during the 2-month long strike observed by the RTC employees. It has been widely that the Telangana government has decided to reduce the number of services of RTC.

With this, the public is expressing their agony on the news of reducing the bus services.

To cut short the losses of TSRTC, the government has prepared plans to segregate the buses on the grounds of Zones. According to the current records, there are 3850 bus services.

Almost 40% of the public use RTC as a mode of public transport even though Metro service is available. More than 33 lakh people travel in RTC buses.

With almost Rs 1.20 crore loss facing by the RTC every day the government has decided to cut short the bus services. This indicates a huge loss of Rs 440 crore for the RTC per year. This decision did not go well with the employee unions.
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