TRS Biggie Jupally Feels Totally Left Out

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Former Minister Jupally Krishna Rao is deeply upset these days. He is finding that the ruling TRS only and cares for the winners and not loyalists. Jupally, who resigned from the Congress and joined the TRS, was minister from 2014 to 2019. However, this time around, he lost the election to Harshavardhan Reddy of the Congress. Soon after the elections, Harshavardhan Reddy joined the TRS much to the discomfiture of Jupally. Suddenly, Harshavardhan Reddy's stock went up as he is the sitting MLA. He is found sitting next to KCR or KTR in the official and unofficial programmes in Nagarkurnool constituency.

What more, the TRS leadership has given the authority to issue B Form for ZPTC and MPTC elections to Harshavardhan's wife Vijaya. This means, the sitting MLA has the final word on any nomination. This, inter alia, means that Jupally faction is left high and dry. Even to get a ticket for a single supporter of his, Jupally has to supplicate before MLA's wife. This is highly unpalatable for Jupally, who has been a minister for several years during the Congress as well as the TRS government. He is finding the going tough for him.

People blame Jupally's adamant attitude for his sorry plight. The TRS leadership has distributed MPTC and ZPTC seats equally among both Jupally and Harshavardhan Reddy. But, Jupally refused to take just 50 per cent. He wanted more and the party leadership simple closed all doors by giving the B form signing power to the MLA's wife.