TRS, YSRCP No.1 In The List Of Regional Parties Income

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The documents submitted by the political parties to the Election Commission of India states that YSRCP is the party with the highest expenditure for the financial year 2018-19.

The CLI(M) is the second-highest party with Rs 76.150 crore while the YSRCP spent Rs 87.684 crores. The electoral bonds are the popular channel for the donations to not only the regional parties but also the National parties.

The TRS party said that it got almost Rs 188 crore in the form of income for the financial year 2018-19. Interestingly the party had an income of Rs 27.27 crore which saw a growth of 85.54 percent.

The ruling party in AP YSRCP declared that the party had an income of Rs 181 crore in the financial year 2018-19, which increased from Rs 14.23 in 2017-18. Within one year the income of the party increased by 92.13 percent.

Other than both parties, other parties like AIDMK, DMDK, JD(S) and PMK are the other parties with a high level of income. The parties declared their income of Rs 28.10 crore, Rs 48.43 lakh, Rs 42.89 crore, Rs 6.27 crore respectively for the financial year-2018-19.
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