SHE Could Be The Only Hope For Opposition!

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Could you remember Mahua Moitra? Yes, She is one among the 41 percent of women candidates fielded by Mamata Banerjee in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. This Parliamentarian is also the one who drew the attention of the nation with her power-packed first speech in the House.

In June 2019, Mahua Moitra responded on people's mandate in 2019 Polls in this manner: 'There would have been a possibility for healthy debate had if NDA didn't win that many seats (300-plus)'.

In her first speech, Mahua Moitra didn't hesitate to say Constitution of India is under threat. Issues of Nationalism-Illegal Immigrants, Increase of Hate Crimes and Control of Mass Media were cited as the three signs for reaching such a conclusion. She believes 2019 Polls were fought by NDA using WhatsApp Fake News and Manipulating Minds.

According to Forbes Magazine. Mahua Moitra is likely to be one of the defining faces of the next decade. Not many knew that she is a former Investment Banker with JP Morgan. Mahua Moitra joined Congress in 2009 but left the national party within an year. Later, She became a member of TMC and got elected as Krishnanagar MP. Mahua Moitra kept increasing her fan base with fiery speeches inside & outside Parliament. She even moved the Supreme Court against the Citizenship Amendment Act. There is every possibility of Mahua Moitra emerging as the foremost voices among Opposition. Don't be surprised if she becomes the only hope for the Opposition which isn't able to offer a spirited fight to BJP.


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