TDP to go for mass resignations against three capitals?

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Amid strong protests and unrest in the state against the government's rule to have three capitals, former CM, TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu has decided to stand with the farmers who gave given 33,000 acres of land for the capital city, Amaravati.

According to the insider reports, the government will take a positive call on three capitals once the High-Power committee submits its report. The TDP will opt for a daring move to prove their strong stand on the capital row.

Reportedly the TDP party is thinking to do mass resignations in the state assembly against the three capitals. This has two things to do with if the news goes well with the people the government will face wrath from the public if it did not go well with them, the opposition has to pay a huge price for this.

Another issue troubling the TDP is if they resign in favor of Amaravati people of the Vishakaptnm and Rayalaseema region. Rayalaseema used to be a stronghold of the TDP party.

In the previous elections, TDP failed to win major seats in Rayalaseema as the party barely managed to win only three MLA seats. One Chandrababu won from Kuppam, Actor Balakrishna won the Hindupur constituency.
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