TDP proposed motion under Rule 71 in Legislative Council

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In a much shocker to the AP government, the TDP has strategically entreated the Rule No 71 in the state Legislative Council opposing the AP Decentralization and Inclusive Development of All Regions Bill,2020.

Rule No 71 states that the Opposition enjoys a right to debate on any bill or topic. The Rule which was invoked by the opposition is one of its kind the history of the state.

TDP invoked the bill before Buggana Rajendranath tabled the bill in the council. This strategical move has got significance as TDP has 24 MLCs out of 58 members. The BJP party has only two MLC seats in the house.

With both the ruling and opposition leaders having a war of words, Council Chairman intervened and gave a ruling. The Chairman also permitted for debate over the notice on Rule 71.

Speaking at the house TDP leader Yanamala said that the Council has the powers to oppose the government's decisions as per the Rule No 71.

Ruling party Ministers said that Rule No 71 is against the traditions as it will cause great problems in the future if we don't discuss the government business. Still, the debate is going on in the house between both the parties.

We may have to wait a few more hours to know how many more twists and turns we may get to know on the debatable bill introduced by the government.
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