TDP in Search of A Leader for Aatmakuru

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TDP party which is experiencing a series of shocks at regular intervals is facing another problem reportedly. TDP leaders are leaving the party one by one which the party is unable to digest.

Reportedly, the TDP party is looking for a leader to lead Aatmakuru constituency in Kurnool. With the Incharge post of this constituency is vacant for a long time, a lot of leaders are expecting to get that post.

According to the insider reports, Bollineni Krishnayya has more chances of getting that post. Krishnayya is fearing to bear the responsibility of leading the party during elections.

Former MLA Kommi Lakshmayya Naidu is also on the list. But the point is, the party workers are doubting can Lakshmayya Naidu handle the responsibility of the party in the constituency, considering his age.

Bommireddy Raghavendra Reddy, former ZP Chairman might also have chances to get the post. Raghavendra Reddy has more chances compared to other leaders as their family enjoys a good reputation in the district.
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