TDP Workers Refuse To Give Way to 108 Service Ambulance

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Giving way to 108 emergency ambulance service is the norm. Even huge processions of Lord Ganesha are known to give way to the ambulances in times of emergency. This is the de rigour because it involves life....!! But, the TDP cadres, who are hell bent on protecting their realty interests in Amaravati, even a life and death question is nothing.

In Prakasam district's Martur, the TDP cadres not only did not allow an ambulance, but point blank told them that It would have to take another route as their leader Chandrababu Naidu is on his way. The ambulance, which was carrying a factory worker, who was grievously hurt as granite slabs fell on him while loading and was in a serious condition, was going to the nearest hospital. But, that did not melt the hearts of the frenzied workers. They told the ambulance to take another route. As a result, the distance, which normally would be less than 6 km, went up to 15 minutes due to the detour taken. Significantly, the TDP workers did not allow the ambulance on its onward journey too. They even hurled invectives saying that  it was purposely sent by the YSRCP to disrupt the meeting.

The injured, a Bihari migrant working in a  granite slabs company, was shifted to Narsaraopet via Jonnatali, Isuka Darsi and the National Highway to the hospital. His condition, fortunately, is stable. The onlookers have criticised the adamant attitude of the TDP workers.
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