Will TDP Win Only Six Seats From This Region?

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Ask any neutral poll pundit, he would say Greater Rayalaseema is where Chandrababu Naidu will meet his waterloo. This was the situation even during the 2014 elections. The TDP got fewer seats in these six districts. In fact, the TDP did well only in Anantapur district. Even these seats were because of the promise of loan waiver doled out by Chandrababu. Many Anantapur farmers believed the TDP promise and went for it. But, this time around, no one is believing Chandrababu's poll promises, because they are sure that they would be broken. They have the examples of the farm loan waiver and Dwcra loan waiver before them.

This time around the TDP might just get about eight MLA seats from the six districts of Greater Rayalaseema, which include Prakasam, Nellore, Chittoor, Kadapa, Kurnool and Anantapur. The party might win three seats in Anatapur, two each in Chittoor and Prakasam and one in Nellore. Even a survey by a TV channel has confirmed this. The TDP leaders, who have seen the writing on the wall, have been hotly debating this survey result.


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