TDP's Plan To Use Scribe's Death Fails

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The TDP, it appears, is willing to pull all stops to defame the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government. But, in this process, it is the TDP which is finally ending up with egg on its face. A wary TDP is trying to use every opportunity to defame the YSRCP and is doing everything even when there is no reason to defame.  But, the tragedy for the TDP is that all its efforts are boomeranging.

On Saturday, a video journalist has collapsed and died due to cardiac arrest while covering a live programme for his channel in Ongole town. The video journalist, identified as Veeragandham Sandip (31) died while covering a pro-TDP rally on Amaravati issue. The TDP wanted to take advantage of this and tried to portray this as a death caused by the police. They wove around a story claiming that the scribe had died due to the scuffle that broke out due to the police excess. They immediately made Nara Lokesh to come to Ongole. They tried to make a big issue  out of this incident and tried to run down the TDP. The pro-TDP media too had chipped in.

But, when Lokesh tried to drag the Amaravati issue into all this, the other reporters immediately realised that the TDP was trying to get political mileage out of this. They strongly opposed such attempts and added that they would not allow themselves to be taken for a ride.  Even the locals said that Sandip did not die due to the police excess. They said that Sandip has died due to cardiac arrest caused by exhaustion. Unable to sustain the fake story, the TDP leades silently left the place.
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