TDP MP Thanks Allu Arjun For Sittharala Sirapadu

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You expect the Climax to be in a certain style in a Star-Studded Tollywood Flick. Trivikram Srinivas has gone against the practice followed for decades to offer a completely different experience. Inclusion of a folklore song 'Sittharala Sirapadu' in the Climax Fight Sequence is something no Star Director has attempted before.

Srikakulam MP Ram Mohan Naidu claimed to be delighted to see Sittharala Sirapadu in 'Ala Vaikunthapuramlo'. He thanked Allu Arjun for his stylish fight matching the song in Srikakulam Accent, Director Trivikram for the novel idea of highlighting Sikkolu Culture in mainstream cinema, Lyricist Vijay Kumar Bhalla for reminiscing folk ballads, Singers Sooranna and Saketh for crooning to perfection.

Experimentation in a Mainstream Cinema is a rare phenomenon. When a new idea clicks, Sky will be the limit and that is what happened in the case of Ala Vaikunthapuramlo. Of course, There are people who didn't react positively to the new concept. What matters is that majority of the movie buffs appreciated the risky attempt.


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