17 TDP MLAs In Touch With YSR Congress

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AP Government Advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy made sensational comments at the time when Telugu Desam has been trying to foil the plan of YCP Government to abolish Legislative Council. '17 out of 23 TDP MLAs are in touch with us. Even Few TDP MLCs are willing to shift loyalties to YCP. What can we do inviting all of them into the party? Jagan doesn't have the necessity to indulge in money politics,' he commented while condemning the allegations made by TDP Leaders that YCP has been influencing their party members.

Sajjala maintained, 'Jagan is a young leader who could take AP forward. Whereas, Chandrababu Naidu has become an outdated leader'.

Mr.Reddy made it clear YCP Government is holding consultations will all the sections about the proposal to abolish Legislative Council. He found fault with the Yellow Media for projecting the whole episode in a wrong manner. Sajjala accused TDP of trying to stall the Pro-People Policies brought by YS Jagan using its majority in the Council. He alleged, 'Council Chairman sent the decentralization bill to the Select Committee only under the influence of Chandrababu Naidu. CBN behaved worse than a normal party worker while sitting in the gallery of Legislative Council. Lokesh faced defeat as people hadn't believed the 'graphics capital' shown by TDP. YCP holds the complete support of the public. Its high time TDP Leaders learn some lessons from the setbacks they kept facing'.
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