Is Centre Aware Of YCP's Action Plan?

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TDP Leader Payyavula Keshav demanded Central Government to respond over the decision of YCP Government to change the capital. He questioned why BJP hasn't opposed the shifting of High Court to Rayalaseema.

Speaking to the media from TDP Office in Mangalagiri, Payyavula Keshav told: 'People of AP are hoping that alliance between Jana Sena and BJP would benefit the state. Only BJP could do justice to Andhra Pradesh. Andhrites are keen to know about the stand of JSP and BJP on 3 Capitals proposal. Its too early to predict what would be the impact of this new alliance'.

Keshav quoted the statement of YCP Leaders that they were informing Centre before implementing crucial decisions. He wondered if YCP informed Delhi Leaders about capital change in advance. 'AP Capital matter is a small issue for BJP. 'The Saffron Party will have to play a Big Brother role here to sort out the issue. We have seen what Centre is capable of doing in states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Prospects of BJP in AP depends on its stand on the Capital change,' adds the TDP Senior Leader.

Whether if alliance between Jana Sena and BJP becomes a success or not depends solely on the coordination between the Leaders and Cadre at the grassroots level. For now, YCP and TDP looks extremely strong enough to rule out scope for Third Alternative.  

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