TDP MLA Continues to Irk Chandrababu

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Guntur West MLA Maddali Giridhar continues to irk TDP Supremo, opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu. Earlier the leader came in a face-off with Naidu when he met AP CM Jagan which did not go well with him.

Now the MLA again raised many eyebrows when he confronted his party chief on the IT raids at the residences of the former secretary of Naidu. Talking about the same the MLA said many huge scandals during the regime of Naidu.

He went on to say that these raids proved that Babu, his close aids indulged in financial scandals during the regime of TDP.

"What answer will Babu give now who always projects himself as a symbol of Righteousness and honesty? Why is he not speaking anything even though the IT raids happened? The scandals that happened in Naidu's regime are coming ut one by one. The Centre should intervene now and should probe an investigation on Chandrababu's Irregularities," Giridhar said.

"If the investigation is done without any partialities more scandals will come out. No Yellow media talks about these raids now. Naidu is very good at managing systems. After the elections, Babu's PS went absconding," he added.
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