TDP Loses Senior Leader On 3 Capitals Issue

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The issue of three capitals is proving to be a mill stone around the TDP's neck. The  leadership is fully backing the Amaravati land lobby. But, there is seething rage within the party over the party ignoring the interests of both North Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. To add to it, the TDP boss is trying to force the leaders from these two regions to support the cause of Amaravati. As a result, several leaders from these two regions are finding it difficult to continue in the TDP.

The latest casualty is key TDP leader from Nandikotkur and former incharge of the assembly constituency Victor. He has submitted his resignation from the TDP and has showered praises on the YSRCP government for making Kurnool the judicial capital of the state.  He has also found fault with the TDP for trying to obstruct the three-capital bill in the Legislative council.

He is the second big leader of the TDP to resign from the party on the issue of three capitals. Former MLC and senior TDP hand Rahaman has resigned from the TDP on the same issue. Victor said he would soon spell out his future course of action.
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