AP Capital Will Be Shifted From Amavarati If!

TDP Leaders have been spreading the speculations that AP Capital will be shifted from Amaravati if the current ruling party fails to retain power. Rumours are in circulation that YS Jagan will move the capital to Prakasam or Ongole if YCP forms the government. Is it really possible for any party to change the location of capital at this stage?

YSR Congress Party alleges TDP launched bad propaganda to create a panic situation in Guntur and Krishna Districts for political mileage. They say, TDP Leaders were worried about the anti-incumbency and hence such speculations have been spread to make the voters of these two districts support them in next elections.

In 2014 Elections, Telugu Desam won 12 out of 15 Assembly Seats in Guntur District and 11 out of 16 Assembly Seats in Krishna District. People of these two districts got benefitted with the land rates touching all time high after the announcement of AP Capital. If the capital shifts from Amaravati, Real Estate Boom in Krishna and Guntur Districts will collapse. The ploy seems to be create a panic situation conveying that their future will be in danger if TDP loses power.

It's impossible to shift the capital from Amaravati region. Why because, Farmers have offered their lands with the hope of benefitting from the capital establishment in their region. People of Krishna and Guntur will revolt if any party plans to shift. Why would Jagan take such a huge risk? It's a common sense thing!