See How TDP Is Giving A New Spin To Loss In Telangana

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Chandrababu Naidu is one-of-a-kind never-say-die politician. His career graph has been plummeting and his plans have fallen flat in neighbouring Telangana. Even in AP, the chips are down. But, he is trying to give a new spin to the electoral defeat in Telangana.

The TDP propaganda wing has begun parroting the story that the TRS victory was possible because of its welfare measures and that the TDP too would romp home in AP because of similar welfare schemes. But the fact is despite names and purported aims of the welfare schemes being same, the intent and implementation are vastly different. In Telangana, the loan waiver has been effectively and fully implemented. In AP, the farmers have been cheated in the name of loan waiver. The Government is only resorting to number jugglery to fool the people.

The Telangana farmers are very happy with the uninterrupted power supply, but in AP, this is not being implemented in a proper way. The schemes like Kalyana Lakshmi, Mission Bhageeratha and Rythu Bandhu have been very successful in Telangana. The Kantivelugu scheme too created a favourable impression. In AP, there is less development and more corruption. Every scheme in AP has become a conduit for corruption. The farmers subsidy has been gobbled up. In the implement giving programme too has helped the TDP cadres to siphon off funds. Even in loan sanctioning, there has been widespread corruption. If this is the situation, can the TDP hope to win in AP? But, Chandrababu and his cohorts are trying to give a new spin and try to claim victory even when there isn't one.

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