TDP Evicted From Office Lok Sabha

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Nothing seems to be going right for the Telugu Desam Party these days.  The party has lost the elections and lost power. Several key leaders are now on the dock over the Amaravati land grab issue. Some key moneybags have shifted to the BJP.

To add to all these, the TDP has lost its office, which it has been holding for over 30 years, in the Parliamnet. The TDP parliamentary office, which has been in the 5, Ground Floor, has been forced out of the office to make way for the YSRCP. The YSRCP, which has 22 MPs in Lok Sabha was given this room.  The TDP has now been asked to move to Room No 118 on the Third Floor.

In fact, the TDP has been asked to move out of Room No 5 three months ago. But the party did not initiate any move to shift out. The YSRCP had taken the issue to the notice of the Lok Sabha speaker, who simply removed the board of the TDP and replaced it with the board of the YSRCP. Then he has literally forced the TDP men out of the room so that the YSRCP can occupy it.
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